Friday, October 22, 2021

Art Studio

TUESDAYS::   6:30pm – 9pm
WEDNESDAYS::   9:30am – 12pm

Only $25
We want everyone to have a chance to enjoy the Studio, so contact Mindy Faubion if you need assistance with the fee. 

One of the more prominent features of Beulah Acres is our Art Studio. 
The Faubion Creative Art Studio is led by Master Artist Mindy Faubion.  The studio offers low-cost classes each week in pottery and painting, as well as hosting an Open Studio to allow artists to explore their creativity, get assistance with projects from our lead teachers, or bounce around ideas with other students.

Lessons are available in many areas.  Here is a list of our more popular classes. 
Click on the link or contact the main teacher for more information.

  Teacher- Mindy Faubion
  Hand-building and wheel throwing classes are available.
  Pottery classes page

  Teacher- Kathie Chan
  Specializing in Acrylic pour and mixed media.
  Painting classes page

  Teacher- Stacie Forest
  Specializing in mobile phone photography, DSLR camera photography, videography, and video editing.
  Contact Stacie –

  The Blessing Art classes are a time to explore the blessings God has for us through visual art.  This is a fun, monthly class. 
  Go to our Blessing Art page for more information.