Thursday, May 30, 2024

Community Showcase

Highlighting a business or person that is helping us Remember Our Roots 

U-Pick Farms, LLC
7271 Donald Rd
Krum, Texas



WOW U-Pick Farms

Delicious fresh produce – no spraying, no pesticides.

Pick your own fruits and vegetables, and taste the difference!

WOW U-PICK Farms seeks to redeem the land God has given us, to see it produce an abundance of high-quality fruit and vegetables for the local community at affordable prices and for the land to yield its full strength, to the glory of GOD and HIS Kingdom.

“Norvel and I watched Glory of Zion webcast many, many Sundays… inspired and activated by the prophetic words released by Chuck, Norvel was moved to go ahead and move on with what I would say has been one of his “God’s given dreams” to take possession of HIS inheritance

Part of his inheritance is connected with the land… his family emigrated from Switzerland and Germany to come to this new continent in America, bringing within them the farming gifts and ways to help them bring life to the land…

Eventually, Norvel’s grandpa started a seed business in Pennsylvania (the land where his ancestors settled), so Norvel was exposed to that and his mom’s garden and neighbors who gave him the first training lessons on how to cultivate the land…

Norvel has crossed over to the land of his dreams and work on claiming his inheritance. You can see in these videos what within a year has been transformed in Krum, TX from breaking the ground unto a fruitful place!

Thank you, Pam and Beulah’s team for releasing the blessing to us and to the land, your countless hours in your garden, gave us a place to pray, listen to HIS voice and be released to what we are doing today, God bless you!”